1) Are you manufacturer of high quality product line?

A: No, we are not manufacturers.

2) How many years of experience does your company have in the Oil industry?

A: More than 20 years of experience.

3) What types of products do you offer?

A: Quality products for the refinery and oil industries

4) Do you offer immediate solutions for the transport needs of customers?

A: Yes, our logistics transport partner is an experienced company with knowledge, understanding and focus on the needs of our customers.

5) Are the product manufacturers recognized suppliers?

A: Yes.

6) Do your products comply with all international standards?

A: Yes.

7) Where is your company located?

A: 8501 N.W. 17th.Street. Suite #102
Doral, Fl 33126

8) What are the preferred payment methods for your services?

A: We accept all major credit and cash cards.