Pneumatic Inflatable Pipe Stoppers Type-F

Pneumatic Inflatable Pipe Stoppers Type-G

Pneumatic Inflatable Pipe Stoppers Type-H

Foldable Inflatable Tanks

Underwater Lifting Bags

HTP-Encapsulator 100% Biodegradable

Oil Sorbent Pads

Oil Sorbent Rolls

Oil Sorbents Boom

Oil Sorbent Socks

Bilge and Tank Skimmers

Sorbent Pillows

Containment Boom

Deka Solar Batteries

Water Pumping

Cathodic Protection

Lighting Navigation Aids

Remote Monitoring

Wind GenerationCommunications

Solar Panel Electricity Collection

Kroy Thermal Transfer Labels

Kroy Thermal transfer Rolls

Kroy 4x6 Color Thermal Tranfer Label Rolls

Kroy Thermal Transfer Wax Ribbons

Nissen Metal Markers

Nissen Solid Barrel Markers

Nissen Ball point Metal Markers

Nissen Low Chloride Metal Markers

All thread Stud

Combination Stud

Double End Stud

Tap end Stud

Casing Spacers & End Seals

Flange Insulating Gasket Kits

Flange Band Protectors

Ratches Strap Assemblies

Cordage Manila-Polypropylene-Nylon.


TorcUP Hydraulic wrenches

TorcUP Hydraulic Pumps

TorcUP Pneumatic Wrenches

TorcUP Impact Sockets

Threaded Outles

Socket-Weld Outlets

Butt-Weld Outlets

Braze-On Outlet

Nipple Outlet Plain End & threaded

Swage Nipples and Bull

Electric Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

Custom Actuator Control Stations

Automatic Battery Back-up Systems








Intecnatonal Corp. (mmcinwdaoI com)MMC C-L

Coupìngs provide me quickest, safest

possible flanged connections fow a wide range ofapplications,

hoses, manifolds. loading arms. valves The helical cams (from three to ten per

coupling, depending on diameter) are easily rotated into place. And each cam is

individually locked in place so that it cannot be loosened without the special

wrench The result is a vibration-proof, leak-proof. Twist-proof connection


Crosby-Clevis Grab Hooks

Crosby- Clevis Slip Hooks

Crosby-Alloy Master Links

Crosby-Alloy Connecting Links

Crosby-Clevis Sling Hooks

Crosby-Cradle Grab Hooks

Crosby-Extra Heavy Wire Rope Thimbles

Crosby-Wire Rope Clips


Eye Bolts & Eyes Nuts

Wire Rope Slings Standard Combinations

2-3 & 4 Leg Bridle Wire Rope Slings

Twin-Path Synthetic Slings

Twin-Path Adjustable Briddle Slings

Polyester Slings

Syntethic Web Slings




Self-Seal rubber


Mineral Wool





Board and Blanket Insulation


SC V-Valves

Carbon and Stainless Bolted Bonnet Gate Valves

Carbon and Stainless Pressure Seal Gate Valves

Cast Thru Condult Gates Valves

Carbon and Stainless Bolted Bonnet Globes Valves

Carbon and Stainless Pressure Seal Globe Valves

Carbon and Stainless Standard Swing Check valves

Carbon and Stainless Full Port Swing Check Valves

Carbon and Stainless Pressure Seal check Valve

Cast Steel Bolted Cover Piston Check Valves

Dual Plate Checks Wafer & Flange Valves

Forged Steel Gate Valves

Forged Steel Globe Valves

Forged Steel Piston Check Valves

Forge Steel Swing Check valves

Cast Steel Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valves

Cast Steed Dual Seal Expanding Plug Valves

Carbon & Stainless 3piece Full Port Ball valves

Carbon & Stainless 2piece Full Port Floating Ball valves

Trunion Mounted Ball Valves-API 6A

Trunion Mounted Ball Valves-API 6D

Carbon & Stainless Rising Stem Ball Valves

Schneider Valves

Indicator Valves

Fuel Valves

Angle Valves

Safety Valves

Welding HeckClass 150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16.5

Slip-OnClass 150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16.6


Class 150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16.7

Lap Joint

Class150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16..8

Socket Welding

Class 150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16.9


Class 150/300/400/600/900/1500/2500 ASTM A-105-ASME/ANSI B16.10

Carbon Steel Pipe and Tube

A-106 Grade B/C

Sa-106 Grade B/C

A-333. Grade 1/6

API 5LB & X- Grades through X-70

A-53 Grade B

SA-S3 Grade B


A-513 Type (DOM)

Rolled and A-671 & A672

Alloy pipe and Tube

Size range:1/2 nominal through 60" OD

Wall Thickness up through 4" thick Specifications & Grades:

SA-33S ps: p9. P11,p22,p91

SA-29 T5,T9,T11,T22,T91

A519 4130,4142

Rolled & Welded A-69l

Stainless steel Pipe and Products Seamiess and vvelded

Stainless Steel Products

Size range: '1/4" nominal through 48" OD Wall Thickness up through 1.500" thick Specifications & Grades:

SA -312, SA-376, SA-213

Grades: 304. 316. 321 347

Grades also available in L and H